Bramhall Music Building - EH Smith

Bramhall Music Building

Birmingham University

Undertaking the design for the new Bramhall Music Building, Leading Birmingham Architectural Practice Glenn Howells chose to finish Aston Webb’s earlier master plan(1902-1907) in a style befitting its original concept, providing a wonderful addition of a new 450 place Auditorium and a complete new music department within the setting of the Grade II* Chancellor’s Court semi-circle.

EH Smith were tasked with finding a suitably fitting brick to replicate the original material which was unfortunately no longer made. We sourced and proposed a bespoke blend of bricks to meet the exacting aesthetic requirements of the Grade II* surroundings, including the use of bricks in a 240mm x 53.5mm format. With the original buildings’ exceptional craftsmanship, great care and emphasis was placed on the quality of the pre-blended materials to ensure the excellence of the finished overall façade.

The building went on to win amongst others the RIBA 2013 Regional Award (West Midlands) National Award, and the Civic Trust Award 2013, Winner – West Midlands Region.

Location: Birmingham

Architect: Glenn Howells

Contractors: BAM Construction


Working collaboratively with EH Smith at the early stage of the project allowed us to explore and establish a blend of bricks for the new facade that complimented the existing surrounding buildings and achieved the aspirations of this high quality scheme.

Their involvement and expertise has been invaluable and once again, EH Smith demonstrated their commitment to go the extra mile in helping us to find high quality yet cost effective solution

- Dav Bansal BA(Hons) Dip.Arch RIBA Director, Glenn Howells Architects