The Tailored House - EH Smith

The Tailored House


The architects named this stunning project The Tailored House: “The clients drew an analogy between their new house and a tailored suit – recognisable, elegant and simple when viewed as a whole, but revealing individuality and material opulence in detail.”

“Despite the local sensitivities, the five-bedroom house is neither a resurrection of the pre-existing building, nor an aggregation of responses to different legislative requirements. Instead, the project seeks to reconcile a new London house type, subtly differentiated from its forbears. Conceived as a series of layers receding from the street, the house’s façades are variously lifted, punctured or fanned open to allow light to the interior.”

EH Smith worked closely with the architects to find the perfect brick for this unique project. The subtle grey tones link the building into the surrounding area whilst retaining it’s individuality.

Location: London

Architect: Liddicoat & Goldhill LLP

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