Wintringham Primary Academy - EH Smith

Wintringham Primary Academy

St Neots

As a central part of the Wintringham Park 205ha Masterplan, Wintringham Primary Academy is a three-form entry school comprising a two-storey building that accommodates 708 students alongside 60 teachers and support staff.

The glazed ceramic Keratwin panels from EH Smith draw inspiration from the seasonal colours found within nature and provide wayfinding and identity to the different year groups. The ceramic products offer a robust, colourful and fireproof façade and with the innovative Hytect coating the colours will stay crisp and clean as the tiles self-clean with rainfall.

Location: St Neots

Architect: dRMM

Contractors: Morgan Sindall / A2O Cladding


We were impressed with the support and assistance we received from EH Smith throughout all stages of the project. Their support ensured that we could deliver on our aspirations for the design and quality of this exemplar school project. The distinctive colour palette was all possible within the Keratwin 20 system and economically viable even with relatively small quantities. A huge thank you to EH Smith for their help in the successful delivery of this wonderful new school. 

- Philip Marsh Founding Partner, dRMM