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ALWI – Secondary Support System

Product: ALWI – Secondary Support System

Product: ALWI – Secondary Support System

Colour: n/a

Variation/Texture: n/a

Manufacturing: Extruded

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Vertical Support System

This system is the fundamental principle behind the majority of cladding systems. It is available in Stainless steel/Aluminium. The subconstruction consist of vertical L profiles and T-profiles along with helping hand brackets.

Positions/dimensions/frequency of these components will be calculated as per static calculations. Brackets are available in a range of sizes from 40mm to 380mm.

Principle methods of fixing cladding directly to this system are face fixed solutions compassing various facade materials, mainly architectural cladding boards and panels.

EH Smith Specialist Facades Ltd offer full static calculations for all their projects together with setting out drawings and material specifications for the support system supplied with the cladding panels.

This level of information and technical support offers customers comfort and security that the proposed cladding has been designed, drawn and checked by qualified engineers and specialists.