Clear - EH Smith

Product: Clear

Product: Clear

Work Size: 246x116x53 mm / 230x110x76 mm / 194x92x57 mm

Colour: Clear

Variation/Texture: Smooth

Soluble salts: Nil

C/Strength: 397 N/mm2

W/Absorption: 0 kg/m2 min

Manufacturing: Moulded

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The history of Murano glassmaking in Venice dates back to the 12th century. Through many generations, local Murano glassmakers have been exploring and perfecting their craft, developing the most sought-after and precious glass in Europe. In the 1920s, Art Déco was all the rage and became quickly widespread; this inspired Murano craftsmen to create glassware with a focus on interior design, characterized by a wonderful synergy between simplicity and functionality. Today, that ethos still reverberates with the Venetian artisans. Their magnificent and unique work is now the centerpiece of a new range of bright, transparent, colored glass bricks.