Product: POTORO

Product: POTORO

Work Size: Bespoke

Colour: Bespoke

Variation/Texture: Smooth

Manufacturing: Moulded

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Terraformæ is an experimental design and research hub focused on terracotta. Born as an extension of the historic Fornace Sant’Anselmo, Terraformæ aims to explore the potentials of clay and push the boundaries of a fundamental material that has made the history of our structures.

Driven by a deep passion for terracotta, Terraformæ seeks to rethink its role from a modern perspective, elevating it from being a pure structural or decorative element to a real gamechanger. Thanks to a process of mutual influence with young designers, architects and researchers, Terraformæ aspires to be a reference point and an incubator for new products, experiments, research, opportunities, and methods