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UBE NG2 – Natural Stone & Porcelain

Product: UBE NG2 – Natural Stone & Porcelain

Product: UBE NG2 – Natural Stone & Porcelain

Colour: n/a

Variation/Texture: n/a

Manufacturing: Extruded

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UBE 25
Material – EN AW – 6063 T66

Holding tracks for installation of large- and small-size cladding panels with concealed fixing on the reverse side, e.g. ceramics, natural stone, gypsum boards, HPL boards, glassfibre concrete, glass.

Holding tracks for concealed installation of large-size cladding panels, e.g. laminated hardboards (TRESPA®). Basis of this system are SYSTEA® holding tracks type ALWI. For buildings of which the outer walls are not suited as fixing basis, use SYSTEA® ALKAPO holding tracks.

The holding tracks consist of vertical base tracks, e.g. SYSTEA® ALWI or ALKAPO on which horizontal tracks are placed corresponding to the intervals of the cladding panel grid. Per cladding panel, you need min. two horizontal holding tracks. On the reverse side of the cladding panels, holding brackets are fixing for insertion into the holding tracks.

The cladding panels are hung by holding brackets which are fixed on the back of the panels by special plugs or non-expanding rivets and anchors. Height adjustment of the panel is made by an adjustable screw.

Statical proof is given by SYSTEA® for each project individually.

EH Smith Specialist Facades Ltd offer full static calculations for all their projects together with setting out drawings and material specifications for the support system supplied with the cladding panels.

This level of information and technical support offers customers comfort and security that the proposed cladding has been designed, drawn and checked by qualified engineers and specialists.



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